Let the Right One In

    A while ago I saw trailers for an american movie called 'Let Me In'. I later found out that this movie was based off a Swedish movie called 'Let the Right One In', which was, in turn, based off a book by the same name (which was obviously a quality tale). I don't normally watch foreign films (as a lot of quality can be lost in translation or over the cultural gap) but I figured I would give this a look.

    I was fairly leery of this movie from the beginning as I understood it to be a vampire movie. I feel the entire concept of vampires has been watered down and bastardized to the point that they're more of a joke than a monster (see Twilight). However, I was pleased to find that Let the Right One In sticks very close to the original vampiric lore. While we don't see much in the way of gruesome transformations or giant bat forms, the general concept is maintained.

    While it may have been the cultural difference, or perhaps the story itself, to me this film was

The Slaughter

    Every once in a while, in my extensive movie browsing, I come across a movie that it so utter terrible... that it's good. The Slaughter is a perfect example of this. For what appears to be an indie film with a cast of complete B movie material, this movie somehow finds a way to entertain me.
    The Slaughter is a poorly written B movie at best. The story isn't bad, but the plot is full of holes and fairly predictable once you get beyond the shallow character development. The dialogue is unnatural and completely forced. The acting does nothing to help this, as all the actors are awkward and impossible to take seriously. Even the characters themselves are shallow and two dimensional. The writers only saving grace is the occasional quote that makes you chuckle.

    Now, for most B horror movies, the movie is made by the special effects more so than the

Season of the Witch

    When I first saw the trailer for Season of the Witch I was beyond eager to see it. Nicolas Cage, highly underrated by the general population, is one of my favorite actors. And Ron Perlman hasn't had a role yet that I haven't loved him in. Add this to my innate love of all things spooky and you have a movie that has my name written all over it. And I was FAR from disappointed.

    Now, one thing I will mention is that there is a very long build up. Plenty of plot and character development. All of this is very important once you reach the climax but it seems overly

The Night of the Demons

    While browsing through the Netflix horror library I happened to stumble on a movie called The Night of the Demons (the 2010 version). Intrigued, I thought I'd check it out. I wish I hadn't.

    This is in what I consider to be the lowest possible bracket of horror movies. It was little more than a soft-core fetishist porn. All the actual horror was either sick-out gore horror or sudden startle horror. There were copious amounts of nudity, blood, drug and alcohol use and sexual references (including a sex scene), and the F-bomb was dropped more often than loose change.


    When I first saw the trailer for Black Death I was ecstatic. A horror movie starring one of my favorite actors of all time: Sean Bean! I expected witchcraft, demons, zombies, and lots of serious Boromir style acting. What I got was very different.

    From the very beginning this is a very dark, very heavy movie. Set in Medieval England, at the start of the Bubonic plague, death is a theme from the very beginning. This story follows the journey of young Osmond (Eddie Redmayne), a novice monk having a crisis of faith. In love

Trick 'R Treat

    When I was younger there were various television shows that showcased a selection of scary tales. Usually the narrator would come on, make some mysterious introduction of the story, and the clip would start. When I read the description of Trick 'r Treat, I was halfway expecting a similar format to follow. I was pleasantly surprised from the very start. The beginning was, as all horror movie beginnings should be, pleasant but foreshadowing, with no narrator in sight. We dove right into the horror, before the opening credits even began rolling.

    This movie has a lot of back and forth interweaving between the stories. And even a story within a story. It moves from slow

Into the Abyss

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